Maxfactor Dusky Rose 830 Review

January 21, 2013
Hey everyone,
  Long time isn't it? Sorry for my laziness so lets stop wasting time and start talking about the post.
                So today I am going to review this beautiful Maxfactor's lipstick which is in Dusky rose 830.

looks Gorgeous right? 

It is a light frosty kind of a pink and its quite shiny as you can see above in the picture.
Its a really girly shade and is a must have for the pink lovers:)

Packaging: The packaging is compact , very pretty.

Price: : Rs:1238 , 7.99 pounds

Pigmentation: This lipstick is very pigmented.It glides on  very smoothly on lips and doesn't dry them at all and soften up lips as well.

Lasting Power: The lasting power of this lipstick isnt that great . It stays on for  upto 2 hours max and hat only when i dont drink and eat anything .

Do I recommend this lipstick to you guys ? Yes

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post :)
do comment below for you feedback..
Stay healthy & beautiful <3


  1. Lovely shade but i do wish the wear time was a bit more!

  2. pretty shade.. what's the price of this lipstick?

  3. I like the shade on you however it's a wee bit too frosty for my liking :)

  4. wow ! thats a pretty shade . :)


Thank You for your comment. :) <3

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