Saturday, 31 August 2013

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Review: Nailene's french tip pen kit

Hey pretty ladies,
today I am going to be reviewing this product which I bought recently Nailene's French Tip Pen Kit and I  was really very excited to use this because I wanted to try a french tip pen and I'v heard quite good things about this one
                                          So these are the things which come together in a box



So lets get started :)

starting with clean nails

While I was trying to get a thich clean look you can see it bleeded :/
I wasn't expecting this but still I continued.

It ended up like this not very clean as I was expecting,I had to use a white nailpolish over it to give it a more clean look.

                                                       I just added some nail stickers to it :)

My thoughts: 

while buying this I thought it'l be good but it didn't workout well, I was really very disapointed with it.
the white polish ran all over my hands and bleeded,about the top coat and hard&healthy they were quite good.


240 pkr

Remarks: 3/5

I hope you liked my post please do comment below to share your thoughts and views.
Stay healthy & beautiful :) <3

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Eid Outfit ^_^

 Hey there lovelies!
    I've been away from my blog for a quite long time and been missing you're lovely posts and sharing new things with you people aswell,so here I go :)
My Eid days were really very busy and amazing I don't think this day is boring at all because I have so much to do and so less time :D

               Yes I love Mehendi (henna) so my Eid day is totally incomplete without it.