Eid Outfit ^_^

August 11, 2013
 Hey there lovelies!
    I've been away from my blog for a quite long time and been missing you're lovely posts and sharing new things with you people aswell,so here I go :)
My Eid days were really very busy and amazing I don't think this day is boring at all because I have so much to do and so less time :D

               Yes I love Mehendi (henna) so my Eid day is totally incomplete without it.

 And this is the eyemakeup which I did sorry about the bad quality of the picture and my ruined makeup I did'nt have time to click a picture of it at the time I did it.

And this was my outfit for the day, I am kind of confused with the color of this dress as it changes color in different lights but still I love the color
Its a pinkish purple and maroonish mix :D

Thats all I hope You liked it and do tell me about you're Eid days and if I am missing out something or did something wrong do tell me :)
till then Stay healthy & Beautiful..
Eid Mubarak..<3


  1. Mehandi looks so pretty an your hands.Love the dress as well.Eid Mubarak:)

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous!
    thanks for visiting my blog, followin you on GFC and bloglovin now:) xx

  3. love your outfit dear :)
    and following you too :)


Thank You for your comment. :) <3

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