Sunday, 24 November 2013

My Recent Shoe Haul

Hey pretty ladies!
I hope you all are doing good,I was thinking to share my recent shoe haul with you all as I am sooper crazy for shoes.
Its a mix of high heels and flats as I can't wear heels regularly (sigh) still I so love them..
Hope you all will like it..


Friday, 15 November 2013

Schwarzkoph LIVE shake it up color (499 Voilet berry burst)

Well hello everyone out there!
Today I'll be doing a little review for you all. Has anyone tried the Schwarzkoph Live XXL Shake It Up Color Foam?
As I am a very big hair dye freak and I needed to re dye my hair so I could'nt miss the chance of trying it 

What Schwarzkoph says:

Permanent vibrant foam color intensity with a dazzling gloss effect and a juicy,fruity scent!
Now it's simple to get that color intensity full of glossy shine with Schwarzkoph Live shake it up color foam,the new,fun and easy to use foam colouration- ready to use simple by shaking!