Schwarzkoph LIVE shake it up color (499 Voilet berry burst)

November 15, 2013
Well hello everyone out there!
Today I'll be doing a little review for you all. Has anyone tried the Schwarzkoph Live XXL Shake It Up Color Foam?
As I am a very big hair dye freak and I needed to re dye my hair so I could'nt miss the chance of trying it 

What Schwarzkoph says:

Permanent vibrant foam color intensity with a dazzling gloss effect and a juicy,fruity scent!
Now it's simple to get that color intensity full of glossy shine with Schwarzkoph Live shake it up color foam,the new,fun and easy to use foam colouration- ready to use simple by shaking!

 These are all the things which comes in that cup thing:

  • The Shake cup and Lid
  • Powdered colour 
  • A sachet of conditioner
  • A developer bottle
  • Pair of plastic gloves & instructions leaflet

So,it say to put the developer into the cup first and then the coloured powder ( well yes that made me more excited :D ) after that the most fun part put the lid back and shake it 40 times and when you open up the lid again Voila! you have foam which not only looks amazing but smells fruitylicious aswell!
The application is quite easy because of the foam,you just have to apply it like a shampoo which makes it less difficult & fun to use. After applying you have to wait atleast 30 mins for the formula to work and give you the desired colour and if you want darker colour you can exceed time but not more than 45 mins(that is what the instructions said)
So, after 30 mins I washed my hair and here are the results.

 This is the final look after it. After some washes the colour starts fading away and gives you a cherry red sort of colour, which is a good thing I guess :D

Product: Schwarzkoph LIVE Color XXL Shake It Up Color Foam
Colour: Voilet berry burst
Smell: The foam smells really pleasant and yummy but I hate the conditioner's smell it is some what like a medicated kind of a smell which turned me off
Would I recommend it? Ofcourse yes! I am a very big fan of Schwarzkoph hair dyes & this product is a must use
Application: Really easy as compared with others. It took me about 15-20 mins to apply
Price: AUD$ 12.99 (price varies)
Rating: 8.5/10

What hair dye you use? any tips you wanna give for dyeing hair?
 any experience you want to share? do comment :)

Stay beautiful & healthy <3


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it's really fun+ the scent is amazing:)

  2. wow this is a fun-to-try product :) Thanks for sharing... hope its available on Pakistani racks:)

    1. Yup alot :D and that is totally my pleasure <3

  3. this hair color iss super easy to use.I will def give it a go.
    Following you now.Do check my blog.


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