Barbie princess look ^_^

January 17, 2014
Hey pretty girls!
Hope everyone is doing fine,so today I'l be doing a look of a Barbie princess (yayy) which I carried in a carnival, recently I had to go in a carnival and I didn't know what to do so I decided to dress up as a princess or a barbie :D because its always a pretty and safe & every girl wants to dressup as one so I decided to share it with you guys aswell hope you'l like it ^_^

This is the eye makeup I did, I used Pink,blue and a bit green color because thats the signature look of barbie,you can always create big looking eyes by wearing Doll lens thats what I did :D

After adding lashes

So to complete this look I added a little bling to it and since its winter season so I decided to carry a warm stole (shawl) with it aswell 

Things used to create this look:

  • MUA poptastic palette
  • Genny lipstick
  • BarryM lipstick
  • Eco tools brushes
  • Kryolan Tv paint stick
I hope you liked it :)
stay beautiful&healthy ^_^ 


  1. This is sooooo gorgeous... Love the really look like a princess MA... :)
    The Lipstickholic

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    The Lipstickholic

  3. OmG! The dress is so cute! :) Totally Barbie.

    Just started following your blog ^_^ please do check mine --> :)

  4. thankyou so much :)
    following u aswell xx..

  5. lovely.Its such a cute post.I like the elegance ^_^

  6. by th way the follow button is not working.

    1. thankyou :)
      Idk what happened to my blogger :/

  7. In awe! love the pink and purple hues on your eyes :)

  8. Loving your dress <3 so pretty MA =) x

  9. Lovely great looking so cute as Barbie princess <3

  10. So beautiful dear
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  11. awww! such a cute post :) you look very barbie-ish :)

  12. totally love it .. between i am a newbie in blogging world plz visit my page and blog & show some love and support and partcipate on my poll

  13. ooh babrbie girl u look reallly pretty ....

  14. Such a beautiful look! Love your gown and crown! Oh and the makeup is per-fect!!!
    Followed ya hope you check out my blog :)

  15. Follow me back lady i ll be back in blogging one day 😜


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