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August 02, 2014
Hey Everyone,

Today I will be sharing my Eidiiii! actually It's Blogger's Eidi (yaaay doing happy dance) okay so if your confused about what a Blogger's eidi is so let me all tell you that.

So it goes something like this we (some bloggers) decided why not to do something interesting so one of our fellow blogger Nida of Nida's beauty bag ended up with this Idea that why not to send each other some gifts,Eid was on it's way so yeah in new style, so we asked around a little and made partners,Budget was decided between the partners & my partner was the beautiful Samra from Samra's Beauty Blog
she lives in the UK & she thought she could never participate but my Mom & Dad (may his beautiful soul rest in peace) helped & my Dad delivered the parcel at her place & she was kind enough to deliver the parcel at my Dad's hotel

Yes!!! we did asked each others about wishlists but Samra was kind enough to leave it on me I did my best to make her feel special ^_^

Okay enough talkings here is the Eidi I got!

& not only Samra but many other bloggers gave eidi randomly as a Eid Gift 
& another beautiful blogger gave me Eidi aswell that is Anila farooq from Anila Faruk Beauty Blog she is such a sweetheart that words are not enough for her :) 


So this was my Eidi what you got? please do share with me & I hope you all liked my post cheers!
Stay healthy&beautiful <3


  1. what a lovely concept :) my condolences for your father.

  2. Love ur eidi... Ohhh the packaging is sooo cute..and that RT blush brush is on my wish list.... Condolences for ur Father dear.. May his soul rest in peace Ameen

  3. it was so much fun...hope we will keep sending our love to eachother and uncle was an angle (may Allah swt grant him highest ranks in jannah) Ameen

  4. Ohhh dear im so sorry to hear about your father. may Allah his soul rest in heaven ameen.

  5. Loved everything from box to products. Prayers for ur Father.
    Btw.... Where is my gift? No mention :p

    1. haha many things were not photographed & my net was not working so this half post is up :P i will edit it <3

  6. awesome post .. n hugs your way dear .. Prayers for your Father and ur family <3


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