Essie Spa at Mint Salon -Bloggers Event

Hey all the pretty ladies!
Recently I was invited by Essie to try out their new range which is Essie Spa at the mint beauty solution studio
& we were the first to experience their amazing range 

We had to book an appointment before going,so I booked my time & went there they didn't made us wait & took us straight to there mani pedi station Gosh! the place was so clean & hygienic
I took the cosy seat & there were two girls Anita was doing my manicure & other did my pedicure(sorry I forgot her name)
both really knew their work very well along with that a girl gave us back & head massage which was amazing!

I am a person who doesn't like massages that much but that girl did a great job she applied the right pressure which made me relaxed & forget all the worries
Oh! I forgot to mention all the stuff they used was totally new & even they disposed it after use,they don't re-use anything which again is a Plus!
Our manicures & pedicures were done in jasmine infused water which was an amazing feeling because I love flowers (almost every girl loves flowers)
they kept asking for any refreshments or anything we need which was really nice of them

Ok, I had tan feet so I was curious about the results & guess what the results amazed me the tan was gone at some level & I loved my feet :D
after getting our nail paints done we were offered to wear disposable slippers (they were so cute) so that we don't mess up our nail color.
In the end the gave us a goody bag which included personal mani pedi kit,which can also be bought by the clients for their personal use if they want to..

My overall experience was great! 10/10
I loved everything there would definitely recommend it to others..
Don't forget to check out out Mint beauty salon because they are the first who are offering the Essie spa range!

Stay Beautiful&Healthy! <3


  1. Lucky girls.. wht a relaxing day it would have been... Love the new look of ur blog <3

    1. Yes it was so relaxing! thankyou so much love <3

  2. will check the place out ! thanks for the review bee ! really helpful !

  3. I have been dreaming of getting a massage. Hope you enjoyed it for me and you lol

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. I love Essie nail polishes, fantastic quality, and beautiful colours.

  5. You're so lucky to have gone - this spa looks amazing! Glad you had a good time. <3

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  6. it was defintely one of the best manipedis i've ever had!
    following you too :) xx

  7. Lovely !!!!

    恵美より ♥

  8. Oh very great event sweetie~

  9. Most definitely, the ambience of the spa is perfect for relaxation. :)

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  10. Such a relaxing post..i so want to go there and a pedicure too :)

  11. Nice post . Thanx for sharing your experience :)


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