Monday, 30 March 2015

Officially partner with Jee Bee

lets do this togather 👯  

Hello, I hope you’re well
I am the Simple Girl,new blogger, nice to meet you all 
– followed by a virtual nod, handshake or hug whichever you prefer!
I am glad that you have stumbled across my blog. Wondering what it is about? Well I intend on blogging about a whole heap of things, ranging from reviews on makeup/skincare/food to my thoughts on things that affect me or I feel you might be interested in reading about.
I shall be calling this…
Because it sounds fancy, right?
No no, joking! I thought long and hard about what category my blog would fall into without restricting myself. I felt the term ‘Lifestyle’ would give me the freedom to write about all the things I have mentioned above and everything in between.
Now a little about me?
I am a medical student , living in USA && S.J are my initials.
Happy Blogging ;)
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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Monday, 23 March 2015

Claire's Launch in Pakistan

Claire's Launches it's first retail store in Karachi at Dolmen city mall,if you don't know about Claire's it's an American retail brand which is quite famous in teenage girls because of it's chic & stylish accessories.
All the bloggers were invited at the Launch of this store by  Cosmo Groups & since it was open for public aswell the store had an overwhelming response!


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Saturday, 7 March 2015

DIY Purple Ombre Tutorial/ Manic panic Lie Locks

Hello to my sweet lovely potatoes! :D
Many of my lovely readers wanted me to do a tutorial for the purple ombre which I did last month & I know it's been so long now,so less talking much writing :P
for those who don't know about my purple hair they can go an checkout my instagram as I am very much active there so you can follow me Jeebeehere.

So lets get started,these are a few things you'll be needing
  1. Wear the most unwanted tshirt or shirt because it will be really messy,so wear something you won't mind getting all purple n colorless.
  2. Grab yourself some tin foil papers
  3. Get some bleaching powder & some developer
  4. Get a plastic bowl n a brush to apply bleach
  5. Some hair pins or clips
  6. A pair of gloves

Ok so first divide your hair in 2 sections, Place the tin foil under your hair & attach it with your tshirst so the foil sits in one place.
Mix your bleaching powder & developer together
I used Clairol's bleaching powder & it's awesome trust me if you have a problem with the smell of the bleach then you must go for this one because it doesn't even smell like bleach & my favourite part its purple :D yaaay

Okay now mix it well & apply it on your hair,I tied a ponytail for my ease you can do it without aswell if you want to.
Starting from the end I applied at the tips first & left it for about 5-10 mins because I wanted lighter tips then applied where ever i wanted to, you can also use a comb to create a gradient affect. After applying it I left it for about 45 mins you can see how dark my hair are so the result wasn't nice :p
so I re-applied the bleach(don't bleach your hair right after that always take a gap of 48 hours) I waited for about 20 mins after applying it again still it wasn't that much blonde but the tips were I dried my hair & trust me my hair literally felt dead! Then I applied the Manic Panic's Lie locks.


 I left the Manic Panic's dye for 2 hours. This isn't the color which I got in the result I dont know why it looks so different in real it's a lavenderish blue sort of a color.

I bought all the stuff from The Glam shop
Manic Panic was for 2000 pkr & i don't exactly remeber the rest
I hope you enjoyed reading this.
Have you tried this before? Or any tips? do comment below to share your experiences
Stay healthy&beautiful <3