DIY Purple Ombre Tutorial/ Manic panic Lie Locks

Hello to my sweet lovely potatoes! :D
Many of my lovely readers wanted me to do a tutorial for the purple ombre which I did last month & I know it's been so long now,so less talking much writing :P
for those who don't know about my purple hair they can go an checkout my instagram as I am very much active there so you can follow me Jeebeehere.

So lets get started,these are a few things you'll be needing
  1. Wear the most unwanted tshirt or shirt because it will be really messy,so wear something you won't mind getting all purple n colorless.
  2. Grab yourself some tin foil papers
  3. Get some bleaching powder & some developer
  4. Get a plastic bowl n a brush to apply bleach
  5. Some hair pins or clips
  6. A pair of gloves

Ok so first divide your hair in 2 sections, Place the tin foil under your hair & attach it with your tshirst so the foil sits in one place.
Mix your bleaching powder & developer together
I used Clairol's bleaching powder & it's awesome trust me if you have a problem with the smell of the bleach then you must go for this one because it doesn't even smell like bleach & my favourite part its purple :D yaaay

Okay now mix it well & apply it on your hair,I tied a ponytail for my ease you can do it without aswell if you want to.
Starting from the end I applied at the tips first & left it for about 5-10 mins because I wanted lighter tips then applied where ever i wanted to, you can also use a comb to create a gradient affect. After applying it I left it for about 45 mins you can see how dark my hair are so the result wasn't nice :p
so I re-applied the bleach(don't bleach your hair right after that always take a gap of 48 hours) I waited for about 20 mins after applying it again still it wasn't that much blonde but the tips were I dried my hair & trust me my hair literally felt dead! Then I applied the Manic Panic's Lie locks.


 I left the Manic Panic's dye for 2 hours. This isn't the color which I got in the result I dont know why it looks so different in real it's a lavenderish blue sort of a color.

I bought all the stuff from The Glam shop
Manic Panic was for 2000 pkr & i don't exactly remeber the rest
I hope you enjoyed reading this.
Have you tried this before? Or any tips? do comment below to share your experiences
Stay healthy&beautiful <3


  1. wow interesting review :) nice color

  2. Its looking so funky n chic...Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oh my you definitely have guts to wear that color In public! I am pretty sure you will pull that look just perfectly dear. 😘

  4. Jeez I WANTTT purple hair now!

  5. Wow... Cool n Funky! Good Job Dear!

    Love XoxoX

  6. Thats so awesomeeeee!, i need this in my life like NOW!, Are there more colorz??

    1. Thankyou! Yes there many more colors..:)

  7. i think your actually hair color the dark purple look better than the lilac one intended haha. loved the part about wearing the most unwanted shirt lol!

    1. Yeah I loved the dark purple but it was only visible in pictures :/ yes it was so messy I turned into a purple monster :D

  8. Wow, so funky. I love it when people get a bit daring with hair colour. <3

  9. Hai so yummy je beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I mean seriously awesome..I want to see more photos!!!!
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  10. Very interesting post. I love tutorials.

  11. I love this, I have always wanted to dye my hair ends that colour! Great post! I just followed you on GFC! Thanks for checking out my blog! I would love if you followed me back!


  12. it looks great, my hair used to be purple and i loved it :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  13. I don't know how purple with look on me. But I love ombre. Thanks for the tips.

    Jessica |


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