MorocconOil Restorative Hair mask-Review

Hey Everyone!
Nowadays all of us mostly are having some sort of hair issues so I will be talking about a product which is very high in protein & I am using this product for 4 year & finally excited to tell you all about this product.

What they claim:
For Weakened and Damaged Hair
Revitalizing Treatment that repairs and fortify weak, damaged or color treated hair
Helps Restore and revive damaged hair from chemicals found in color processes, perms and heat styling
Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil that strenthens proteins and shine boosting vitamins
Moroccanoil® Restorative Hair Mask is a 5-7 minute revitalizing treatment that quickly repairs hair that's weak, damaged or color-treated. Its high-performance formula is rich in argan oil and protein to fortify and restructure hair that's been damaged by chemical treatments or heat styling. It actually infuses protein back into the weakened hair shaft, so hair becomes stronger and more beautiful.



My Experience:
Best Hair Mask ever!!!My experience so far, I bought this product after being completely satisfied with the Moroccanoil serum itself. This stuff is a life saver. My hair is not color-treated Unlike Jeebee, however it is hard to manage as I am a natural thick, treated, somewhat coarse hair. I saw others saying it is not moisturizing, but for me it was. I washed my hair with shampoo as the directions said and then took a ping pong ball size gob of this stuff and ran it through my hair and left it on for 10 minutes (any longer and I was told the proteins will end up damaging the hair instead of helping it). My hair came out softer than baby hair. It was INTENSE!!! The only critique is that the effect didn't last, after shampooing and conditioning like normal two days later my hair was back to its same coarse unruly self. My regular shampoo is Redken All Soft btw. So I am guessing over time the effects of this treatment will begin to last as the proteins rebuild my hair. As of right now, Bottomline, it is INCREDIBLY moisturizing, I didn't have to condition after using it and it makes the hair feel sooooo healthy. A real winner! I will be using this for years to come;)

Price:46$ (price may vary from store to store)
Rating: 10/10

Have you tried this? how was yourexperience? do give us your feedback :)


  1. Definitely going to try this!


  2. I wish we could get this in stores in Pakistan! It sounds so yum.
    xo N

  3. This sounds good, definitely going to try!

  4. Whoa! Must get my hands on these! :/ Kia kia khareedoun yaaroun?! :P By the way you look great in your header! :D ;) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. hahahaha sab khareed letee lolol and thankyou :D

  5. It sounds great really wana try this out


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