Telenor Fashion Pakistan week2015 day 1 & 3 favourites

I would like to congratulate all the people who were a part of the Telenor Fashion Pakistan week 2015 Latitude CRS,HSY,Nabila Express & Maybelline. I know it's kind of late for this post but it's been a great pleasure for being a part of this huge event.
   I wasn't able to attend all 4 days so therefore I will be sharing my favourites from Day 1 & 3.

Day 1
Nida Azwer's collection was inspired by the French Trellis. Her collection was so chic & stylish that I totally fell in love in with it.

Sania maskatiya's "Khayat" collection

Now 3rd Day favourite! 

Wardha Saleem's "The Lotus Song"

Photo credits: Tapu Javeri

Hope you like this post!
Don't forget to share your favourites with us aswell..
Stay beautiful & healthy! <3


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  1. I liked the color theme of third day. Lovely work.
    Thanks for the post. :)


Thank You for your comment. :) <3

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