2nd Love Cosmetic Review!

Hey My lovely peeeps ;) today i wanna  share my thoughts about cosmetic which i  recently had the pleasure of being sent some lovely make-up samples by 2nd love for review!

So no further due, lets start with a little intro about the company since this company is pretty new.
2nd Love is the creation of a 2nd love generation cosmetic company base in LA, California. They Offer a growing line of products that suit all skin types and ages, and the thing  i like about the most of this product is that its free of animal cruelty and affordable!

"Let start with Black Gel eyeliner && Rose Mascara"

First time using gel liner and I'm hooked! I really like it and it stays for such a long time. It works for me,It's very pigmented and resistant.The only issue I got is the brush was a little difficult to work with.. Great if you've got a steady hand for even more dramatic lines. This eyeliner might take time to perfect application but once you do there is no smudging, or running for the whole day. It just stays in place perfectly, Must have Product. for just Price of $5.59 

"MASCARA"I want super long full lashes and this does it all, $3.99 for a super great mascara, you cannot go wrong,I really enjoy this mascara! It goes on easy and has a very flexible brush that's super easy to use!Washes off easy with water and a bit of soap ;)

"Quick Roll Stick Cream Blush" (My Fav)

This is a cream blush that apply just like you would put on a lipstick only is stays on longer. All you have to do is draw a line on your cheek bone and then blend in with your fingers. The blush does not wear off like power blushes and will stay on your skin until you remove your makeup. A great product if you do not want to constantly have to retouch you makeup. This cream blusher in a stick is perfect for purse or travel.
Nice color, a soft pinkish && My fav One, Loveeee Loveeeee Loveee this Blush !!
Price $3.99

"Love Spell Lipstick"

Just imagine that every time you put on this lipstick, you are putting a heart on your lips. Doesn't that make you want to smile??? This lipstick is really cute. The little tube plus the heart-shape and glittery balm around the heart, just absolutely adorable.Its comfortable to wear. The texture is not heavy on the lips and the lipstick are very emollient. My lips tend to peels if I wear lipsticks for long hours but peeling doesn't  happen with this, it last for 5 hours on me.this will be the cutest lipstick that I have ever seen!
Price $4.79

"Eyeshadow Light Purple && Dark Blue"(Starry Night)

I feel compelled to write a review for these eye shadows because they really are awesome. They are very shimmery, not glittery. There is a difference. I love how versatile these shadows are, and they really do last all day, even without shadow primer. To avoid the excess of loose shadow, try applying with your finger. I find that this is the best method to apply this shadow. I simply swipe the shadow with my ring finger and pat on the color, like you would an eye cream. It's also more controllable this way...you'll have a more "natural" result using your finger, but is also very buildable if you want a dramatic look.This is a great color for summer and a favorite of mine.I love the pigmentation and ease of application... well I can't ever get the right shades the favorite color for my eyeshadow ,now finally I found the best combo pack to give my just the right and rich shades I was looking for.Such a great all over shadow!
Price $7.19

"Plumbing Lip Gloss" (Love spell)

Wonderful lip gloss that fills out all little creases in my lips. It tingles for a while after you put it on, but it's a pleasant cooling feeling. I have other lip glosses that get sticky over time, but this one stays smooth until it starts to wear off, at which point it feels a bit like I'm wearing chap-stick. The color was a little bit 'pinker' than I would have liked. I like the texture and wear this over lipstick, it doesn't seem to change the color of my lipstick very much,which is great.
Price $3.99


A lot of us beauty addicts are already familiar with lots of brand , but this brand deserves a spot on any affordable and a glamorous  makeup list. 2nd love Cosmetics products are so inexpensive that you can order 10+ items for under $30. Virtually everything is under $4 and they constantly run sales  there is always something going on!The selection of products is huge, and there are a ton of options to experiment with new colors without breaking the bank! A couple of My favorite is a Blusher and would love to order more ;) && not to forget my cute heart lipstick :D && eyeshadows lol, You can carry this stuff around in your purse or take with you when you travel ;) So thumbs up and all 5 stars for 2nd love cosmetic because you guys deserved it <3

Do Bump into their website for more cute and cool makeup ;)

I hope you all like my Review!
See y'all  in next review till then Stay blessed and Happy ;) 


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