Radha Beauty's Skin clearing Serum Review!

    "New addition to my skin care routine"

Hey my lovely  peeeeeps ;) So, lets talk about this Skin Clearing Serum which i got week ago for a review  from Radha Beauty! Although I think having great skin is the result of a combination of healthy diet, sleep, stress management, and the right product picks, My face has always had small acne problems. Nothing that's too horrible, but enough that I get annoyed. This serum is AMAZING! It tightens up the pores and makes any visible blemishes reduce before your eyes. I never knew that a product like this existed, and I'm glad I decided to try it out! this serum has definitely been a great addition to my skincare regimen..

I've been using it for about a week & while I still have blemishes (due to being a little bit lazy with those other factors, I'm guessing!), the overall texture of my skin and scarring from old marks have noticeably improved. It's an added bonus that Radha Beauty is an awesome eco-friendly and natural company, so I'm not worried about putting their ingredients on my skin & i like the idea of what the product is supposed to do. I like it being free of all the harsh chemicals found in drug store brands and it's not tested on animals, which is important to me.. Overall, don't expect a miracle from this serum (or any skincare product, really), but if you have a penchant for natural products and need something that will aid other lifestyle choices in bettering your skin, this stuff is an awesome investment!! 
PS: I am in love with the packaging :D 

Price: $25.89

Check them out ;) the link is below


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