Sunny Day Sun Dress Part 2

So summer is here & we have to do alot in summers. I prefer wearing comfy clothes weather it's fromthe summer collection or not as long as my skin feels good in it :D

So I this is what I recently wore when going out in the sun & to be honest I quite enjoyed it. So yaay for my pretty summer dress!
In summers we all prefer some wrinkle free clothes so that's why I chose this dress for outing.

So let's keep our warm weather wardrobe stalked with all of the latest & comfy styles!
Shirt : Satrangi (bonanza)
tights : Alkaram

 Happy sunny Days! :D 


  1. Love this outfit so much!


  2. woww love the vibrant colors .. beautiful .. thnks for sharing ♡♡

  3. Lovely pumps.Hot Red.and You Looking Really awesome.perfect you in summer wearing look.

  4. Great pick, dear! Looks like a great I'm following you now at GFC & would love to have you follow me too! xoxo

  5. I love the color of your shirt :)


Thank You for your comment. :) <3

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