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I have some very prominent bluish undereye circles that I've been trying to minimize for sometime..They are hereditary so there's no amount of sleep or eye cream that will diminish their appearance. Essentially, I'm stuck with them. Using a light tinted concealer only makes them look gray. I've tried orange concealers, which neutralize the bluish tint but often look totally obvious and unnatural. Some Youtube makeup gurus demonstrate using two layers of product, one orange and then a lighter shade over it. In real life, that would mean very heavy coverage around the eye area and as every woman knows, the result would be cakey and crease ridden. What I need is a heavier coverage but yet one that is blendable so that it's undetectable in natural light. And one that won't creep into fine lines an hour after application. Amazing concealer does a good job of covering my circles and  making them totally disappear, at least minimizes the bluish tint enough so that I don't look like I haven't slept for a week. It's very thick, so a little is all that's needed. It's also very blendable and can be sheered out with a brush or sponge. I'm light, but not fair, with neutral undertones and I have the color medium. It's a little bit darker than my skin but that's what's needed to completely camouflage the circles (as much as possible). The trend toward highlighting under the eyes doesn't work for me. And I don't have to layer another concealer on top because it blends seamlessly with my foundatio... Totally worth it ;)

You can Order yours at AmazingCosmetics


  1. This concealer looks good, love to know it blends well. What the price?

    1. Its under 30$ you should check their website :)

  2. Never tried anything except garnier under eye roll-on for my dark-circles.
    I always prefer thick then runny consistency as its easier to work with :)

  3. Glad to hear you found something that works! I deal with hiding my dark circles too but I'm willing to invest in a good corrector now. :)

    Love, Momina
    ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  4. awesome, will definitely try it! thanks for the review!

    Love XoxoX

  5. In Pakistan, we have a big problem, to select the perfect shade according to your skin tone. At last you found something for yourself, great. Nice review :)

  6. I've tried this concealer and it really does blend well because its so creamy! Great post!


  7. This sound promising , I must give it a try....
    Thanks for sharing


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