The Vintage House AkA "The Pink House"

      "A historic pink house is the setting for this charming shop selling jewelry, luggage & gift items" 
    Picture CC "The Vintage House"
  1. Super cute, reasonable, and friendly shop. Love the variety and prices too! Not snobby, not uppity, but still good assortment of antiques, vintage finds, and giftsy items.

It was really nice to see all the beautiful bloggers at the vintage house tea party event, I must say What a great little store!  Though it's actually not little at all..a charming 3 story vintage house  store && each room filled with a different style of finds.  It's cozy as well.. This is a great stop just to look around and have fun, and if you're looking for a unique piece to complete a room this is the perfect store. Absolutely loved this place. Not many places like this in Dallas, so nice to have around! Will definitely be going again ;) Thank you for the swag bag and the gift<3 

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