Skydiving Experience "Yes i Can Fly"

I Crossed several activities off my  bucketlist during my Mexico trip, tandem skydiving was one of them I've  wanted to go skydiving for a long time. Everyone who’s ever described it to me always does so with a twinkle in their eye. You can feel their joy as they re-tell the story. Now it was my turn. Jumping out of an airplane over the south padre surrounded by beautiful islands! It couldn't get much better than that? Yet somehow butterflies still managed to infiltrate my stomach.While the instructors at south padre island went over details like proper body position, flight time, and how to land standing, I was nervously watching Him yes, pack our chutes off to the side. 

Lucky for me he’s been doing it for many, many years. :p lol My first skydive would be a tandem jump, which means I’m attached to the front of an instructor using a special full-body harness. Four attachment points ensure I’m stuck to him like glue. We left the shop and hopped into a van headed for Brownswill International Airport.This is a small plane. It looks like a car with wings.

I peer inside. There’s only one seat. “We sit on the floor” Our tiny aircraft will only fit 4 passengers and the pilot  so we all cram in together nice and cozy on the floor of the Cessna.The door shuts. We speed down the runway before gliding up into the sky.A colorful mixture of turquoise blue water, white sand beaches. Kind of looks like a painting down there. it was beautiful.Some of you are wondering if the tandem skydive is scary, and I get comments such as “Should I do it? But I’m afraid of jumping out the plane”. My answer is, “DO IT” and allow me to reassure you about your fears. If I’m honest, there was an occasion on the plane when I got slightly nervous but my excitement level was high!! 

 Soon I’ll be diving head into that painting.Twenty minutes after takeoff we’re finally at 11,500 feet 2.6 miles in the sky. The pilot signals that he’s in position. Oh Poop . It’s all happening a bit too fast…The door is open. This is actually going to happen.I’ve been pretty calm up until this point. Suddenly adrenaline is rushing through my veins. Wind is whipping around the cabin. I can’t hear anything. For the first few seconds we tumble through the sky in a weightless front flip. I can’t tell which way is up. The earth spins. I’m completely disoriented,and the feeling was "yes i can fly" while Gravity is pulling us downward faster and faster.

 We’re still falling, but I can feel air pressure building up beneath us. We’ve hit terminal velocity for a tandem skydive. 120 miles per hour. For about 60 seconds we plummet through the Troposphere. That may not sound like a long time. But it actually feels like 5 minutes.

Suddenly the free-fall experience stops with a jolt. My instructor has pulled the ripcord, unleashing a massive parachute that quickly slows our decent to about 16 mph. The jump isn't over yet though…

Hanging at either side of me are a pair of steering lines. We can control our direction with them, pulling right to turn right, left to turn left. Pulling hard on one side creates a fast (and fun) downward spiral. We glide towards the Earth like this for another 7 minutes. Soon I spot the landing zone!

Yayyyyy "I DiD It" All in all, I had great fun and it’s something everybody should try and do once in their lifetime. I promise, you will not regret it! So what are you waiting for guys! Go on and book one of the most amazing experience of your lifetime! && do share your experience with us.. Happy Jumping!! 


  1. So cool that you got to go sky diving! What an epic adventure!


  2. Wow what an awesome feelings when you are flying and 11k+ feet OMG bit scary : D but I still wanna do it I just wish :). What an awesomeness post. And congrats for your first skydiving :)

  3. That sure is life goal for many! though scared a bit, but still I want to fly once, all freeee! =)


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