Let Autumn begin!

I've pretty much given up on seasons.  The weather gods may have smiled on Texas this Summer,  but for the rest of the USA ‘summer’ was pretty much a non-event.  Yes, my cute summer dresses did get an outing, but usually with a pair of thick tights and brogues rather than flip flops.  And now we’re in end of September and I’m sat writing this on a windy Tuesday night in my pajamas and dressing gown, (Still kind a Hot here) when just a couple of days ago I was out in Capri and a tshirt.(i still can wear, its Texas you never know lol )  To make matters worse, NY Fashion Week just ended, where designers showcased their collections for S/S 2016.. Bikini anyone?

Jeans, Striped jumper and hat are River Island, Cable knit cardigan is Fat Face, Jersey dress is
Phase Eight, Boots are Carvela House of Fraser, Scarf is H&M, nail polish are Essie, Bag is Zara
pipped detail Mac is lippy && pyjammas are Victoria Secret

So anyway,  I've had a little nosey around on the internet to try and pick out some of the things that are top of my wishlist for autumn. They are exactly what you would expect from an autumn edit bit of cosy, bit of texture, bit of good coverage.I thought about going for a mad crazy high end wishlist, but decided against it fairly late in the thought process, because it struck me that if you wanted that kind if vibe, you’d probably have bought vogue or something, and I am totally not Vogue.  So it’s all high street based, most of it comes in at under $100 an item, and if I could get my hands on the lot, I’d wear it all until the sun eventually started shining again.

What strikes me most as I've put these pieces together is how classic they look; they could have been selected from a few years ago, or could easily be chosen again in five years time. I know that it’s easier to base a wardrobe on classic, easy-to-wear pieces that can be freshened up with one or two ultra seasonal pieces. 

What are your autumn essentials this year?


  1. boots darker nails and lips and this <3

  2. awesome! cute tops every girl needs! <3 ♥

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah stil hot hot hot in Karachi booohooo!
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao


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