Shamaeel Ansari 1st Anniversary Exibition in Karachi

January 07, 2016
The 1st Anniversary Exibition of The House Of Shameel was held on 26th december 2015 at their studio in Karachi.
It was a star studded Marquee exibition which had a huge rush of customers from the moment doors were opened at 11am.

Shameel Ansari
With vintage jackets as well as azonic embroidery pieces and bridals to take everyone collective breath away.

The exibition sold out in a matter of hours with the evening being devoted to a courtyard tea populated by fashion bloggers,journalists as well as glitterati form the world of fashion & media alike.
As the day transitioned the house of shamaeel proved once again that it stands poles apart from the rest in terms of its unique chic & suave for holding such events.

Shamaeel Ansari with her team

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