Servis HumAwards Yay Or Nay??

April 30, 2016

Hello everyone! 

I was really excited for the 4th Hum Awards organized by Servis. Even though I was really tired due to my busy schedule and  did not want to go, I still managed to get all dolled up and and took some time to attend this gigantic event of the year. 

Let's jump right into what happened there. I'm extremely punctual nowadays, which isn't a bad habit. After struggling a bit, I managed to reach there. According to the invitation, the show was supposed to begin at 9:30; I arrived at 8:30 pm.  

The red carpet area was very chaotic, and NO ONE except the celebrities were allowed to step on the red carpet. We only meant to click a few pictures as we took some time out of busy schedules to be there, but just when I stepped on the red carpet, someone instructed the workers to remove everyone, which was exceptionally rude. 

Also, we all were given different cards such as green, blue and red so that they could place us properly. Is that even fair? I had a blue card. 

All the bloggers were given blue cards & there was separate area for them still it was really far & hard to cover from there except the first 2 rows. We had to struggle a lot to find our seats because people were randomly sitting on any seat.
The function didn't start till 11:00 pm.

That's the view 


Well, it wasn't a good experience at all, I don't know whose fault is this the celebrities or the management but everyone needs to know our time is important aswell. 
I left right away because I had enough.
According to some sources, the show started at 11:40 pm and ended at 4am.
I hope to see well managed events in the future. That's what I can do only *HOPE*

well that was quite a Rant! I didn't mean to offend anyone I just said what I felt, catch you guys soon
stay Beautiful&Healthy <3


  1. Nicely reviewed. I.don't.understand why pr agencies give bloggers the least priority. Glad you reviewed it honestly.

    1. Thankyou so much ana for appreciating ❤️


Thank You for your comment. :) <3

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