Ayesha Ziya Oud Fragrances comes to Pakistan

Hello everybody,
So many of you asked me about a specific product which I posted earlier on my Instagram(follow me if you're not already:p),you all wanted to know every detail about it so here I'm with all the information that I could gather for you people about that oh so special "OUD" perfume.

at Ayesha Ziya, we are passionate about scents that are ever lasting, exclusive and exotic. With many years of careful research and blending of different ingredients, our collection now consists of 5 unique and indulgent fragrances named : "Oud", "Irum" 'Islah', 'Royal Mirage', and 'Signature Oud' 


about Oud: 
The Oud is an exotic, enticing blend of velvety, floral Oud with evocative, spicy mid-notes, which envelop a sensual arbor of musk. Slip into a warming, voluptuous effusion of rich floral Oud and sensual white musk, and allow your senses to be transported to alluringly exotic, balmy, far-off paradises. The scent of The Oud unfolds, like a desert rose, upon the skin, and is sure to make a lasting impression.


In my opinion I found "Irum" was the best because each one of us no matter what we liked strong,sweet,fruity fragrances we preferred Irum & found that was best.
All scents are unisex but Irum is the one which is more of a feminine one,if you are a very big fan of "Oud" then you will love "Islah" because it gives you that touch of Oud which exactly you want.
The packaging is so gorgeous that I was drooling over it,I wanted that right away in my hands so that I can take it home with me but *sigh*  the actual launch of these will be on the first week of Ramadan & yeah the prices will be starting from 5000pkr I guess & these gorgeous bottles will be available at Tony&Guy & PC hotel Karachi.
Although I got little samples of all 5 of them & I will just stare & sniff them untill it launches :P
yeah I know I'm a greedy little creep but trust me they are amazing!
I had a lovely time meeting the lady behind this "Ayesha Ziya" herself she's such a sweetheart & I totally loved her P.A Zunaira *Shoutout to her* 

L-R Me,Zenia,Shumaila,Anushae(sitting),Maha,Momina,Jadirah,Rabeeyah,Maliha
Did I mention my girls? How can I not enjoy their company they all are so amazing(Group Hug)
I hope you enjoyed this post,have you tried Ayesha Ziya fragrances yet?
till next time,
Stay Beautiful&Healthy <3


  1. I have never heard of this brand before. These perfumes sound very interesting. Nice review.

  2. Sounds great and you all are looking so beautiful <3

  3. I love arabic perfumes. They last so long. Thanks for sharing


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