Bioderma Launch-Bloggers meet & Greet

September 03, 2016

Hey everyone!
If you're following me on my snapchat so you may know that there was a great meet & greet for all the beauty bloggers in Karachi by Bioderma recently,yaaas we all know about Bioderma right? For all those who doesn't know about Bioderma's H20 makeup remover is the top choice of almost every other woman.I wasn't really sure that I should attend it or not because jetlag.... But I decided that I shouldn't waste the chance of meeting my all lovely fellow bloggers so I went there but I was a bit late so I couldn't enjoy the whole event.
My lovely blogger fellows
When I reached there,they were having a competition & you know how much I'm scared of these things right? So they were asking questions about Bioderma,which were also mentioned on the LCD TV & guess what? I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't see what was written haha! Plus my internet also ditched me, so I just pretended that I was tweeting my answers (clever eh?)
after that we tried a couple of there new products aswell which looked so tempting.
After that we had a skin testing sort of a session where they tested our skins & told us what products we can use to prevent extra oil & acne.

Testing the products

Testing the new tinted sunscreen

I must say the team of Bioderma was really sweet we totally enjoyed our time. 
I really appreciate such events. I hope they continue doing more events like that in future.
I hope you enjoyed reading this,I know you all love Bioderma! I mean who doesn't? Right?
Don't forget to follow there Insta,Facebook
the awesome team behind :D
let me show you all that what I got in the goody bag & temp you guys a little! :D


I hope you enjoyed this post! :D
Stay Beautiful&Healthy <3

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  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Looking forward to your reviews. :) x

    Momina Haseeb @ Divine Smudge


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