Goodbye Winters-Outfit Of The Day


Helloooo everyone!!
As the winter is saying goodbye to all of us so I thought why not to post a goodbye winter outfit of the day for all of you,I know it's not really a good idea because winter is almost not exactly almost but it has ended but oh well..
Coming back to my outfit,in winters I went to Lahore for a little vacation so the weather was obviously different from Karachi's weather & I also had to wear something that is classic desi yet warm (because family dawats yo)
& please let me just tell you all I suck I REPEAT I SUCK in carrying these formal desi suits so I had to think a lot so I came up with this 3 piece khaddar suit by Gulahmed
This was just perfect in every way
So I paired it up with my khussas & it looked pretty.
I loved the color of this dress,not too blue,not too orange you getting what I'm saying? well so here is my shot posing infront of the camera as I'm a model for Vogue lol :p

I hope you liked my outfit & also this post.
stay Beautiful&Healthy <3

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