BIO OIL Experience & Review

June 01, 2017

Hello my lovely fellaaas!

I know I take so long to write new posts,but that's how I'm! So let's start today's topic now.

One of the biggest myths I had heard is that “oily skinned ladies should stay away from face oils” –  With all the new innovative oils, all these companies are coming up with, it’s time to make new myths.  I had heard about Bio Oil a long time back but never actually got a chance to try it. So when I landed in USA, Bio Oil was the first thing I picked up.

It claims to tackle scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone, something many people are dealing with. The company maintains that it uses a “breakthrough ingredient” known as PurCellin oil. As it turns out, this oil is derived from ducks (it is the substance ducks secrete from their skin to keep their feathers waterproof) sounds so cool right?

So I have all of these above problems so I thought I should give it a go & try it out.



  • Oily skin : you need one drop each for cheeks, forehead, nose and mouth.
  • Dry skin : Go to town with it. Trust me!


  • As a body oil.
  • As a foot oil for cracked feet.
  • Cuticle oil.
  • On my hair as a light oil – I wash it in an hour.
  • I mix it with grain sugar as a lip scrub and body scrub.
  • Works on burn marks.
  • Stretch marks look better.
  • Can be used on cracked feet, cuticles.

It gets absorbed super fast as you massage it in your skin, but I would recommend you take a tiny amount at first and then build on it.

Personally, I have combination skin so I use it 2 ways. 1st under my makeup as a moisturizer so the magic happens underneath & I don't have to struggle with applying my makeup aswell.It keeps my skin hydrated. 2nd way is I use it at night time and it's a staple part of my night regime. It made my skin look healthier and brighter. I do have two toned skin & it is helping me with that aswell BUT do not use too much of the oil as it can cause extreme break outs. For me this wasn't a greasy oil as the others were this was quite comfortable on my face I use only 2-3 drops and massage in circular motion. I am in love with this product and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Availability: Naheed super market,Tesco & Agha's (Karachi) & just4girls (online)
Price: 1000-1400 (may vary from store to store)

Have you used this product? Tell me how was your experience. Do comment below & let me know.

Stay Beautiful & Healthy <3

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