Wasim Akram 502 For Her- Review

Hi Guyssss,

I know I took sooo long to write a review but recently I was a bit low and had too much things going around.

So let’s come to today’s topic,

I have been a fragrance freak for a long time; it’s probably the first thing which goes in to my bag & I won’t lie about the fact that I have never been impressed by local perfume brands and all of the fragrances I prefer belong to international brands. I always believed we can’t compete with them until last month.

So, recently one morning I woke up to this package sent to me by J dot which they obviously had told me about had this new perfume called Wasim Akram 502 for her. I have always seen sportsmen having their own perfume range around the world so it was a good thing for me to see something like this in Pakistan.

I wasn’t expecting anything fancy and worthwhile when I heard about this, but and a big BUT when I opened it to my surprise the bottle looked so pretty that I snap chatted it before even properly waking up. It had a cute round golden cap which I guess looked like a cricket ball (the name itself explains why), and the cute pink bottle which looked like a show piece itself. I was thinking of not using it and keeping it on my dressing table as it looked so cuteeee.

But out of curiosity I sprayed a bit on the back of hand and I am glad that I tried it, because the smell was so sweet like a mixture of many fruits, and it wasn’t hard smell which I have always disliked and have noticed in many brands. The smell made me so curious that I had to go to their website to check the ingredients, and noticed that it was a mixture of strawberry, sandalwood and jasmine etc.

A fresh and a new sweet and fruity scent makes this product stand out from others and the nice packaging is a plus point which is so cute that I don’t think I have seen a perfume bottle look so well before. So my final verdict for the product would be that it’s something new, something great and definitely something worth trying, and it’s definitely something not expensive as its just of Rs.3502 Pkr and easily available on j dot outlets and website.

So do try this product and let me how was your experience I will also share a link where you can buy this from here

Availability: J Dot outlets all around Pakistan and globally
Price: PKR 3,502.00

Stay Beautiful & Healthy <3


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