BIODERMA Sensibio h2O - Review

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It’s been a long time since I have posted anything & I guess I wouldn’t have done it but I
realised I had made some commitments which I had to full fill, or I would have had to face the wrath of my friends who call me lazy ass.

So last time I wrote about a local product of international standard but today I will talk about a international product which is available locally. 

People who follow me on snapchat (Id: theglamworld) know I use make up wipes and creams to clean my make up until a couple of months back a package was delivered to my house which contained a bottle with name Bio Derma Sensibio H2O makeup removing micelle solution so I went into deep research to study about the product before using it which simply means I called my friends who got it too... surprisingly all of them said that it did wonders to their skin so somewhere I knew this won’t work on mine and yeah this happens a lot I mean there are products who work on everyone but when I try them they just become useless, but to my wonder bio derma didn’t.


So let’s start with its intro bio derma is a internationally used make up remover which comes in a transparent bottle with a cute pink cap with their identity on it. 

It looks like water, literally like water I was worried for a moment that how can water work on my skin or are they scamming but I gave it a try, and I poured a little bit on a cotton pad and I rubbed it on my face now I was told it removes most of the make up in the first swipe & it does remove all the makeup in just one swipe but in my case I tried it 3 different times but it didn't work out good for me, oh yeah and it broke me out whenever I use it on face so it didn’t work on my face, yes I do have extremely sensitive plus a combination skin but I love to do eye makeup and looks and use different products so here comes the good part about bio derma it worked like a magic on my eye make up, no matter what I use like water proof mascara and eyeliner etc it removes them instantly so here it worked like magic but other than that it didn’t do great on my skin so there is a plus point and there is a minus too. 

But I would still recommend you to use this product as it worked on everyone’s skin and it’s a good makeup remover one of the best in the world.

The best thing is that bio derma is available in different sizes so if u want to know if it suits your skin or not you can buy the 100 ml bottle which is available for 750rp.
While the rest are 

Price:   250 ml : 1000-1200rp
                500 ml : 1600-1700rp

*the price may vary from store to store 
It is also available online here

Availability: You can get it from sensation, Naheed and as I mentioned also online. 

So that was the blog for today, if you have any query you can just comment or ask me on my social media and tell me the results too of this product. Hope you all have a lovely weekend 

Stay Beautiful & Healthy <3
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