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October 14, 2017

Hi guysss 

So this is an achievement unlocked, i mean i blogged on two consecutive days phewww 
Maybe I not lazy anymore, so here I am again(I feel so proud writing this)

So this week has been very busy I had Uni, Uni assignments sleeping lying down and most important and time consuming thing that was doing nothing, so while doing nothing I got a message about a activity being held at Dolman city mall for Note makeup by J• and they were giving free make overs to everyone in their kiosk, I recently had tried Jdots 502 for women and I found it amazing so it was quite obvious that I would attend such event to try its new make up line too, although I had heard about these products but I never tried them soooo I agreed to go to that event to get a makeover and to try out their products.


      Btw I was invited on 13 October at 5:00 pm i.e. yesterday

So I went their and started to test out their products, PS, My MUA for the day was none other than Rabeeyah Tungekar click here for her page   

Rabeeyah Doing my makeup

So we started off with trying their liquid lipsticks, which were good I mean I have experienced dryness on my lips after using liquid lipsticks of different brands but this one didn’t cause any dryness or anything like that,the formula was super creamy & moisturizing at the same time, other than that I also liked the shade range they were available in.


Then we tried highlighter which I would say wasn't really good because I couldn’t see it on my skin even a bit I tried but it didn’t impress me a bit other than that we also tried the eye shadows they had there which were quite good in terms of shade and blending but and a big buuttt it had a bit off fall out by that I mean the small powder was dropping on my face which was causing irritation to me,I we can dust it off as well.

So this wasss my experience and I would say I liked them a bit but I wasn’t in an awe or impressed a lot by them but that is just my opinion.

The good thing is note has given you the opportunity too to try out their products as this kiosk is held from 13th to 15th at Dolmen Clifton and 16th to 18th at Dolmen Mall tariq road

L-R Uroosa, Maliha, Zenia,Me,Nida & Rabeeyah

So go now and try this out before it ends because I had so much fun with my girls! maybe you people may like the products and there is no harm in getting a free makeover ;)

That is it for this blog, Go and share your experience down below in the comments and lemme know your view regarding this.

Stay Beautiful&Healthy <3

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