Wanna Reduce Fat Without Exercise(Not A Click Bait)

Heyyy Guyss!

I hope you all are doing well,today’s topic is a bit interesting for all those people who want to reduce fat without doing any exercises & hardcore diet plans.Sounds interesting isn’t it?

So I heard about this place called 3D lifestyle where they do non surgical procedures & they aren’t painful at all,for a long time I wanted to get my double chin reduced & I’ve been to so many places for that concern but never felt 100% confident about it.
As soon as I heard about this I booked an appointment & I got a consultation with Dr.Sara & she told me that I should go for HIFU which stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. She told me each & every detail about the procedure,also that it is FDA approved. 20% of the result is immediate & the rest will be visible in 2 months. I made my mind right away & went for it,the procedure was done by Mahnoor & she made me so comfortable & relaxed.


1. They marked the area where I wanted to reduce the fat

2. After that they applied a Gel on those areas

3. They used a machine which I don’t know the exact name

4. They started with a section by section & set a timer each time (it wasn’t painful at all)

First they did half of my face so that I can see the clear results & decide it myself. After looking at the results I was literally amazed because I could not believe my eyes,I got the results as I wanted. The whole thing took 1.5 hour I guess. I’m so happy with my results & if you want to reduce any fat you should definitely go & consult they will help you out in figuring what exactly you need.

Also when I went there I came to know 3D Lifestyle Pakistan is coming up with new devices which will help with painless hair removal, pigmentation, scars, tatoo removal. Stay tuned to my insta and blog for more updates from 3D Lifestyle upcoming devices.

Cost: Rs. 70,000 Rate: 5/5 I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions you can comment below.

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